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1966 Mercedes-Benz 230SL “Pagoda” (W113)

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• First delivery to Mozambique
• Rare 5-speed ZF transmission version (only approx. 200 pieces built)
• "Nuts & Bolts" restoration
• Only 2 previous owners

History of the Mercedes W113

1963 is perhaps one of the most important and exciting year for new automobiles. Not only was the Porsche 911 presented for the first time in 1963 during the Geneva Motor Show, but also the beautiful convertible W113. Due to the optionally available, inwardly curved hard top, the SL was quickly given the nickname Pagode. This convertible was the successor to the 190 SL and 300 SL. This model was a great success for Mercedes; almost 50,000 units had been delivered by the end of production in 1971. The W113 has fist been produced in the version 230, then in the 250 and later also in the 280 one. The new SL was a sports two-seater with a high performance, an excellent driving behavior and well-maintained comfort. It is not surprising that the car proved itself on one of his first outings during the legendary "Spa - Sofia - Lüttich" rally and drove home victorious the team Eugen Böhringer / Klaus Kaiser.
The design comes from the legendary Paul Bracq and it still delights customers to this day. The distinctive masculine lines with the Mercedes star emblazoned in the middle characterize the unmistakable SL face. The bonnet has a slight, additional curvature in the middle to provide enough space for the standing six-cylinder. Even then, extensive safety measures were introduced with the SL, including a stiffer passenger cell, crumple zones, later safety telescopic steering column, seat belts and an impact absorber in the steering wheel. The SL series was also equipped with a dual-circuit brake system and front disc brakes, gas pressure shock absorbers and radial tires.

History of the 230 SL offered here

The Mercedes 230 SL offered here is very special and almost unique. According to the Mercedes Classic Center, it was first delivered to Mozambique. In addition to the color combination ivory (code 670), the first owner ordered the extremely rare and expensive 5-speed gearbox with a rear axle ratio of 1: 4.08 (code 230) and km display. During the turmoil of the "Carnation Revolution" in the mid 70s, this Mercedes came to Portugal and was sold there and driven by the 2nd owner for a few years. This SL was unregistered at the beginning of the 1990s. In 2013, the Scuderia Sportiva Colonia had the opportunity to purchase this Mercedes Benz through a middleman in Portugal and gradually subjected it to a complete "nuts & bolts" restoration. Now completed, this Mercedes convinces with its elegant and original color combination. The engine and the gearbox are of course "matching". All work has been carried out professionally and appropriately and the new owner can look forward to an almost brand-new convertible with a unique history.


This offer is subject to change and subject to prior sale. Additional services such as transport, registration in Germany, appraisals, etc. are possible for a separate expense allowance.

This vehicle offered here is in our factory in Cologne-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Cologne. Here you will find a selection of 80 historically valuable classics - ONLY BY APPOINTEMENT
In addition to our offer and taking into account the current pandemic situation and the associated travel obstacles, we offer an "online inspection" for our vehicles.

You have the opportunity to take a look at "your" vehicle via whatsapp, Facetime or Skype. You can direct the cameraman and you can look at all vehicle parts, if necessary also on a lifting platform. Since this service is a little time-consuming, we ask for a 24-hour advance notice for a possibly planned “video conference”.

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