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lancia aprilia 1949

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€ 65.000

Chassis no. 43829673
Power 49 HP at 4300 rpm
Maximum speed 130 km/h
4-speed manual gearbox
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Sedan bodywork

After the crisis of 1929, the most important manufacturers were forced to create economical cars with lower engine capacities and running costs. Lancia designed the Aprilia, which took its name from the homonymous city built in the Pontine countryside during Fascism.
This model was the last great creation of Vincenzo Lancia, who died a few days before the official release of his last project.
Aprilia boasted cutting-edge solutions: the load-bearing body, the independent wheels and the aluminum block, all characteristics that the other manufacturers adopted much later.
The characteristic 4-cylinder "narrow V" engine developed 49 HP. It was among the first cars to feature a fuel gauge as standard.
Two trim levels were planned for this model: standard and luxury.
The bodywork was designed above all for aerodynamics, without sacrificing comfort; a characteristic trait of Lancias and already in the 1930s Aprilia anticipated the fashions of the 1950s and 1960s.
High-class car, produced in around 20,000 units.

- Subjected to conservative restorations in various periods
- Good general condition of the bodywork, some small imperfections present
- Paintwork, restoration of seats and door panels recently done
- Original instrumentation in good condition, original steering wheel
- Efficient engine
- Bumper in fair condition
- Supplementary rear lights, for compliance with traffic regulations
- Two-tone rims, with 90% tires
- Highly sought after collectors car with impressive valuations
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