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BMW 2002 DRM Schnitzer engine Hatje

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€ 210.000
BMW 02 Schnitzer Formula 2 engine, 4 valve, Group 5,

Racemagazine Report 1978.

Willi Hatje is part if the race devision.
In the blueyellow painted furniture truck are driving three people with little
eyes, in the loading room a monster of BMW 2002 towed and a big spoiler identifies the BMW as Group 5 car.
Its the car of Willi Hatje, private driver in the DRM (German Race Championship) Some hours ago they started near Hamburg, to drive south
for a weekend race, after a long working week in a BMW dealership.
Mrs. Hatje packed potato salad and steáks and beer.
Hatje bought the 4 valve car, already used, from a racedriver named Schormann. But he could not manage a right suspension setting. So he
is drifting very spectacular and for this reason a highlight in the scene.
Suspension, transmission problems a cylinder crack, finished his dream
of be a successull driver.

The car was sold to Austria and later came to Ungary
and drove to the hill climbing championship as champion. After Switzerland the BMW 02 Schnitzer came twenty years ago to Germany and is now complete restored. Willy Hatje build up a BMW dealership
until 2011 and stopped working with 71 years in 2011.

New price 210.000 euro,
Under facebook a video with all fotos
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56218 Mülheim-Kärlich
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